Recommended online Go games【A Japanese student seriously summarized】

There are now quite a few Go sites and apps.

But can a free Go game be played properly in the first place?

I may wonder.

On this page, I have seriously summarized the evaluations of Go games, online games, and Go apps that I have used in my 18 years of Go life !

The pictures that I used in this website are all for Japanese, but you can see it in english when you access there.

Who should read this article
  • I’m looking for a free and easy Go game
  • I want to play in a place where troubles are unlikely to occur even for beginners
  • I’m looking for an internet go that can be trained to become stronger
  • I want a Go game and software that I can play alone
  • I want to know the recommended apps that can be played on smartphones

Recommended online game where you can play Go for free

First of all, it is an online game where you can play Go for free.

Introduced here are all games that you can easily hit with a sense of play.

The other party doesn’t hit it so seriously, so please use it when you want to kill time or distraction.

[ Recommended by yuki ] Summary of recommended Go apps

Yahoo Mobage Go

yahoo Moba Go login screen
Severity of playing power
Strength distribution 10th grade or lower (exchange room), around 5th grade (intermediate room), 1st to 6th grade (advanced room)
Ease of use
What you need Yahoo account

This is a Yahoo Go game.

There are rating points, and it fluctuates depending on whether you win or lose.

If you win against a strong opponent, you will get a lot of points.

Basically, there are many people, so you can play anytime you want to play.

It looks like this even on weekday nights.

yahoo Moba Go waiting lobby screen

The busiest is Sunday night .

Sometimes there are people who are hitting with friends and chatting.

However, it has a fatal drawback as a game site.

That is, if you specify the life and death designation after the event later than the opponent, the opponent cannot refuse it. With this, if you specify all the opponent’s stones as dead stones, you will never lose.

I also lost the winning Go over and over again in the formation calculation.

It is mentally better not to be particular about winning the game result.

I didn’t care at all because Yahoo was a play for me, but I still don’t feel good ( laughs ).

These people only meet once in a while, and the basics are properly dismissed.

To Yahoo Mobage Go

QPON Internet Go

Severity of playing power
Strength distribution Beginner, beginner, intermediate, advanced, graded (up to 6th level)
Ease of use
What you need No registration, immediate game possible

It is a Go game that you can play immediately without registration.

The reservation system has a convenient function that recruits partners until the specified time and ends the recruitment if it is not decided.

However, there are too few people to hit.

When I played the game, I thought that was difficult to operate!

The first step is to remove the stones manually.

You can right-click on it to remove the enclosed stone, otherwise the enclosed stone will remain on the board indefinitely.

Very very confusing. .. ..

The start is a two- step click, but 10 seconds after the first click , it will start at that location.

Also, long thoughts of 3 minutes or more will be lost. If you think for 30 seconds or more, the time will be displayed and the countdown will be performed.

Is it good for people who want to hit daddy?

Some of the stepped people were about 6 steps.

It seems that the strength of the game is wide, but there are few people.

It may be interesting to go out to play once in a while.

Specify the user name and strength from the first screen, and if you select “Internet game”, you can hit people.

QPON to the Internet Go

Online Labo

Online lab login
Severity of playing power
Strength distribution 25th grade-5th dan
Ease of use
What you need No registration, immediate game possible

It is a free game with good operability.

Select the strength only when you log in for the first time.

From the next time, we will play with that strength.

However, there are really few people.

Everyone who is playing against the computer.

You should think that the basics are to play against a computer.

The power of the computer is rather sweet. The usual Gokaisho’s playing power may work as it is.

The game screen looks like this

online lab game screen

You can play not only 19 roadbed games but also 9 roadbed and reversi.

Online Lab to

SDIN free game

SDIN Go login screen
Severity of playing power
Strength distribution RP960 in 3 long-stage
Ease of use
What you need No registration, immediate game possible

You can play as soon as you enter your name on the login screen and agree to the terms.

It is an RP type, and the basics are all mutual.

Relatively good manners , and some people greet me in chat.

There are many people who will give up when the victory or defeat is decided without continuing to stick to waste.

However, there are few people here as well!

Basically, there are only one or two vacant rooms, and you cannot choose a player.

SDIN Go game screen

The game screen looks like this

Easy to operate.

SDIN game screen

Chinese rules are applied to the rules.

Before the end, “? Press ”to check the formation calculation, and if it is correct, pass it.

According to the Chinese rules, hitting a stone on your own ground does not cause any loss, so you need to make an eye or pick up the stone where the calculation is wrong.

It’s a little annoying. .. ..


Go browser game COSUMI

 Go free game COSUMI
Severity of playing power
Strength distribution Computer match only (estimated 8th grade)
Ease of use
What you need No registration, immediate game possible

The most famous site for free Go games.

At COSUMI , you can play against a computer.

Is the computer level about 8th grade?

When playing a game, you can choose a board with 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 9 , 11 , 13 , 15 , and 19 .

You can also attach a handicap.

COSUMI is a much more famous free games from the old days, 1 opposite station number of days will Oyobi tens of thousands of stations.

In addition to the convenience without registration, the simple and easy-to-use go board will attract users.

The popping sound when I started is pleasant (laughs)

The game screen looks like this

COSUMI game screen

The buttons on the game screen are as simple as PASS and RESIGN .

It’s easy to understand even for those who play Go online for the first time.

In addition to the game function , COSUMI also has extra content.

Challenge mode Your strength will increase or decrease depending on the outcome.
Seven Road Board Special Mode Komi 9th , 7th roadbed Go game in the strongest mode
Pure Go A very simple Go rule ” Pure Go ( Stone-filled Go ) ”game game. Recommended for beginners who feel that the rules of Go are difficult.

Isshiki Go A game in which you and your opponent hit with a go stone of the same color. It’s pretty difficult.
Blindfold Go A board where only the last move is displayed. Insanely difficult.
Just a board Black and white You can place stones as you like. For consideration and games with friends.
Let’s learn the rules of pure Go Explanation of pure Go rules
Online Donation Viewer hand-held of the SGF the game record of format, COSUMI web form in order to play with the remote station replay function of

COSUMI is a free game that is perfect for beginners who are just starting out with Go.

If you want to challenge Go, please try it.


Quinoa Go

Quinoa Go
Severity of playing power
Strength distribution Lv10, Lv20, Lv30, Lv40, Lv60 ( estimated 10th grade )
Ease of use
What you need No registration, immediate game possible

You can choose the NPC character of the opponent .

Each character has a sword-like style, and each character has a different way of hitting.

It is good to write , but in fact, there is only this pattern of how to hit.

It’s a pity that if you select the same character, it will be almost the same no matter how many times you hit it.

If you think of Go as a decisive game, you will practice it, so it is a system that is beneficial for those who are new to Go.

Overall, I felt that it was a game that beginners who started learning Go could enjoy playing Go.

You can fight against many characters and enjoy while gradually raising the level of the opponent.

To Quinoa Go

Go Hangame

Hangame login screen
Severity of playing power
Strength distribution class position who often
Ease of use
What you need Hangame Account /Hg Game Starter

A Hangame account is required to play Hangame.

This is Facebook , Twitter , Google can log in with the account.

In order to play after logging in, you need to install Hg Game Starter .

Hangame download screen

Most of the users are high-ranking people.

Hangame Waiting Lobby

The game screen looks like this

Hangame game screen


Go Kids

Go Kids Login Screen
Severity of playing power
Strength distribution From beginners to prefecture representative classes (about 2 dan on average)
Ease of use
What you need Go Kids Account-Latest version JAVA

It is a Go site with a strong sense of relatives.

Go Kids is also the user is the less GOXI (A Japanese GO community) go that SNS connection with I have the impression that there are many friend games.

Rather than randomly applying for a game to someone you don’t know in Go, yesterday is fulfilling, where you can promise to play a game with an acquaintance, or gather together and consider it.

Some people do not play games and mainly chat.

… or rather, there are quite a lot.

At the top of Go Kids, there are some strong players in the prefecture representative class, but the basics are low-ranked to high-ranked players.

There is a system called Q certification in order to improve your strength .

In Q certification, it is a system that you can receive the strength certification by winning the game with the certified staff.

The level of the certified staff is set according to their strength, and they may not only play the game but also teach them properly.

Q certification is a serious game

By the way, in my image, Q certification is like a Pokemon gym leader (laughs).

Let’s defeat them in order and feel your own growth.

There are many relative games in Go Kids, and there are some parts where it is difficult for new players to find a game partner.

Regarding that, since it is a Go site originally as a place to play with friends, there is no choice but to give up to some extent.

However, if you can join the public room, greet and communicate, you may make friends there and lead to the next game.

Go Kids


Severity of playing power
Strength distribution class position’s generous
Ease of use
What you need Register only user name and play immediately

This site has many Western users.

The chat is in English.

User registration is very easy, just enter your nickname and password and you’re done.

It takes 1 minute.

The operation is a little special, and you can find the opponent from such a screen.

OGS game application

Since there is a time difference, there are few opponents depending on the time, but there are many users.

The game screen looks like this

OGS game screen

There was too little information on the game screen, making it difficult to check the rules. .. ..

There is ” 3×30 seconds” next to the time control, but this is a Canadian method countdown, and it is a rule that you have to make 3 moves in 30 seconds .

Your strength is judged to be played several times.

Overall, the strength of the game is sweet, and you can get a 5th grade judgment with 3 consecutive wins from the initial registration .

Everyone wants to hit each other, so honestly, it may not matter. .. ..

In addition to watching games, it is a Go site where you can enjoy playing Go and holding tournaments (free participation).

Go to OGS

Recommended Internet Go site that you can hit with a gut

Next, I will introduce a Go site that is used by many professionals and graduate students.

Many of these Go sites include overseas sites, so please install at your own risk.

Yugen no ma

yugen no ma login
Severity of playing power
Strength distribution 18th grade-professional
Ease of use
What you need Nihon Ki-in ID /Yugen no Ma Game Software

This is an online Go site sponsored by Nihon Ki-in, Japan’s largest Go organization.

It is the largest Go site made in Japan and has a Japanese server, a Chinese server, and a Korean server.

The number of Japanese servers is a little small, but you can play games as soon as you go to an overseas server.

Yugen no ma , the rating point formula fluctuates the strength of the game.

Point goes up a lot of points and win the high people but, at the upper 1 since and lose on that does not increase very much point even won once reduced a lot, is to inevitably dan promotion will require winning streak.

It is recommended that you basically become a paid member during the ghost room.

Advantages of paid members
  • You can play unlimited games
  • Professional games can be watched live
  • You can belong to a club

On the contrary, if you are a free member

  • Monthly game limit is 15 games
  • You cannot watch professional games other than live broadcasts
  • can’t chat
  • can’t apply for the game myself

That is the greatest inconvenience.

However, since the live broadcast is a big title broadcast, it is also ant to become a free member just to watch the live broadcast.

The fee for paid members is 2160 yen per month ( 1080 yen for students ) .
(1yen ≒ $100)

There is also a family discount service. For more information between price list of Unseen visit Please give me.

A big feature of Yugen no Ma is that you can belong to a club.

When you join the club, you can get along with the members and learn a lot, and you can talk a lot in the club chat.

There are many people who want to be strong while having fun, rather than being seriously strong among the mysteries, so we sometimes organize events at clubs and play games.

One of the merits is that you can make friends with strong people through the club, such as having professional teachers in a club or gathering strong players from all over the country.

Actually, when I was in high school, I was able to get to know professionals, amateur powerhouses, and graduate students (currently professionals) at a club on “Yugen no ma”, and I was trained every day.

Sometimes I ask them to play Go with me, and sometimes I play Go problems together and study.

this experience made me join the prefecture representative class at once.

It is best to enter and choose which club is best for you.

You can join or leave freely, so feel free to experience it!

Between the Unseen HP left side of the green button remote station software download If you click you can open a remote station chamber between the subtle and profound.

to between Unseen

Tygem Go

Toyo Go login screen
Severity of playing power
Strength distribution 18th grade-professional
Ease of use
What you need Tygem Go account /Tygem Go game software

“Tygem Go” is an online Go site sponsored by South Korea.

The old name was “Tygem”, which is also sometimes called.

“Tygem Go” is an international Go site, and the opponents are basically Chinese or Korean.

Most of the members are from China and South Korea, and many professional players are also registered.

In Tygem Go, the game is the main game and there is not much consideration.

You can register as a friend, so I often consider when playing Go with friends.

Toyo Go has the advantage that even free members can often do it.

In Tygem Go game points are necessary to play a game.

Free membership is 12 to hours 1 degree 3 point charge of you can.

In addition, Tygem Go has a point roulette function, so you can bet your own points and increase them with roulette.

If you are unlucky, you will lose all your bets, but since the expected value is 1 or more, you can usually get it by turning it automatically.

I am first and only roulette 100 is now from ten thousand point 1 Oku 5000 has been increased to ten thousand points.

(Automatic start & automatic stop with full sweepstakes)

It is a recommended Go site for those who really want to become stronger with a high level of surroundings.

To Toyo Go

Tencent Go ( PC version)

Wild Fox Go
Severity of playing power
Strength distribution 18th grade-professional
Ease of use
What you need Yako Go account /Yako Go game software

Tencent Go is Gu Li 9dan from China Qiyuan and Ko Reibun 7th Dan as an advisor.

Tencent Go was launched in 2009 and is currently one of the largest hottest online games in the world .

It is a fairly high-level Go site, with top professionals from Japan, China and South Korea always playing.

The great thing about Tencent Go is that games and watching games are completely free .

Always 1 you can million people or more to enjoy as much as you like the remote station on a large scale Go site you are logged in.

The characteristic of Tencent Go is the existence of fine art .

You can watch, play, and even consider fine art in real time, which has become the strongest AI in the world !

To Yako Go

Panda Net

Severity of playing power
Strength distribution 18th grade-prefecture representative
Ease of use
What you need Pandanet account /Pandanet game software

It is an online Go site that is one of the most popular online Go sites in Japan, along with the ghost room.

Most of the panda nets are Japanese.

Somehow, I feel that the age group of users is high.

Perhaps because of that, the game etiquette is by far the best of all Go sites so far.

Panda Net has a great variety of teaching materials and instructional Go for members.

For instructional Go, reservations can be made every 2 hours every day .

Also, the countdown voice is very easy to hear.

It is overwhelmingly superior in terms of ease of viewing the game screen, simplicity of operation, generous support, and abundant teaching materials, and it can be said that it is the world’s top in quality as a Go site for amateurs.

While the Go sites introduced so far are for high-ranking players, Pandanet is a Go site that is perfect for people with three or lower dans.

Membership registration is monthly fee 2160 yen (student 1080 yen) .

I used to play on the panda net when I was in the first stage, but I felt that it would be a great deal if I could play and study with good games every day for the amount of money for three Gokaisho .

Details page


kgs login screen

Severity of playing power
Strength distribution
Ease of use
What you need Latest version JAVA・CGoban3

KGS is an online Go site with many Western users.

It is a fairly free Go site, where you can resume the interrupted game at a later date and set your time freely.

Since there are many Western users, you can see unfamiliar shapes on a daily basis and experience a different style of chess.

KGS ‘s strength is not self-reported, it is automatically judged by actually playing the game.

At the beginning, next to the power of the game, “? ] Is attached, and it is displayed in a state like 8k (?) .

This creates a peaceful internet environment without new users hunting low-end and weak ones.

However, there are too few people to hit KGS .

If there are few people, competition will be weakened and the judgment of Go will be weak, so there are some parts that are inferior to the above Go site on the overall level.

If you are not familiar with Internet Go, it is a good idea to get used to the Internet with peaceful KGS and then try other Go sites.

KGS to

Recommended Go app that you can hit with your smartphone

If you can play Go with the smartphone app, you can play Go anytime, anywhere.

Here, we will introduce excellent smartphone apps that you can play.

Yako Go (smartphone version)

Severity of playing power
Strength distribution Professional from 18th grade
Ease of use
What you need Wild fox account

The smartphone version of Yako Go is an insanely excellent app, but it has the drawback that all operations are in Chinese.

For Android, the installation procedure is a little complicated.

For how to use the Yako smartphone version, see ” How to register and use the Yako Go smartphone app! Complete illustration in Japanese! Please read it as it is written in.

Yako Go cannot share an account between a computer and a smartphone.

To use the smartphone version, you need to create a new account.

The smartphone version seems to be a little less powerful than the PC version.

Yako Go smartphone version

Go Quest

Severity of playing power
Strength distribution Professional from 30th grade
Ease of use
What you need Go Quest Account

It’s probably the most popular Go app.

It is loved by many people from beginners to professionals.

The types of games are 9 , 13 , and 19 .

We recommend 13 roads.

The 9th road is a research game.

For those who want to master it, please refer to the books introduced in ” Recommended Go and Go books that you should definitely read “. ..

Go to Go Quest

Go Wars

Severity of playing power
Strength distribution Professional from 30th grade
Ease of use
What you need Recommended email address for Go Wars registration

The second most popular app after Go Quest.

There is an insanely strong artificial intelligence “Kigami”.

Anyway, it’s a flashy app, and if you hit a fixed shape such as “Atari” or “Hane”, the production will come out ( laugh )

This production is meaningful, and it seems that frequently used shapes and tactics are recorded.

You can summon only a few moves in one station.

It’s more like enjoying Go as a game than an app that you hit seriously.

Go to Go Wars

World Go

Severity of playing power
Strength distribution 18th grade to Kudan
Ease of use
What you need World Go Account

Maybe it’s a Chinese app.

Addendum: You pointed out that it may be a Korean app

Basically, on the 19th roadbed, you will play against your opponent within ± 1 of your own strength .

Even though it is 19 roads on a smartphone, it is hard to make a mistake with 2 clicks and the screen is easy to see

It’s a pity that the strength of the game is a little too sweet.

I felt it was about 6th dan on other Go sites even if it was 9th dan in Go in the world.

There weren’t many Japanese people, so it’s recommended for people who want to play Internet Go in a slightly different atmosphere.

Tygem smartphone version ( tygem )

Severity of playing power
Strength distribution 18th grade-professional
Ease of use
What you need Tygem account /Tygem game app ( tygem )

It is an application that you can play Oriental Go on your smartphone.

You can easily play and watch games.

However, all notations are Korean, sometimes Chinese (?)

There is a picture on the button, so maybe you can understand the meaning …?

I couldn’t master it ( laughs )

If you like Tygem Go, you may install it.

Unlike the wild fox, you can use the account you use on your computer as it is.

Everyone’s Go

Severity of playing power
Strength distribution Computer (3rd to 14th grade)
Ease of use
What you need Everyone’s Go app

Go app for beginners .

Since you can play with handicap even on the 9th road, even people who are not very familiar with Go can play evenly.

In addition to the game, there are functions for saving game records and editing the board, so it is quite easy to use as an app.

To everyone’s Go

Pure Go

Severity of playing power
Strength distribution Introduction
Ease of use
What you need Pure Go App

Go app for beginners .

It was developed with the aim of making beginners who are not accustomed to Go familiar with Go.

Because it is easy to play with simple rules, it is attracting attention as the spread of Go.

The app was developed by Mr. Wang Ming Wan from Taiwan, so it’s all in Chinese, but my blog introduces how to use it in Japanese, so please feel free to play.

To the explanation of pure Go

[ Recommended by yuki ] Summary of recommended Go apps

Recommended Go software with abundant functions

Go software is the most advanced field in the recent Go world.

Now you can enjoy the evolved Go software at home.

Here, we will introduce the most excellent Go software from among the many.

Internet Go Gakuen

This is an epoch-making Go AI that was just released in August 2019 , developed by professional Go player Tomoyasu Mimura Kudan and programmer Shimasa Ho .

LeelaZero of the mounting AI in the number of searches LeelaZero is a graphical tool Lizzie there is a possibility that more than, we bathed in the current hottest.

The developer, Mimura Kudan, teaches at the Go Dojo, and originally wanted to make online software that could be used for his own education.

However, he also introduced in his blog that a ridiculous thing was created during repeated development.

Net Go Gakuen point of the following 3 one.

  • Insanely easy to install
  • Full of useful tools and high functionality
  • Free to use

In other words, anyone, quickly and easily. You can master it.

Go me to recommend the most Ai So, you also try using all means Please!

Go to the article on Net Go Gakuen

Silver Star Go

This is the first software to take the grade certification test sponsored by Nihon Ki -in and pass the 8th grade.

You can choose from 19 levels, from introductory to 8 levels .

Probably the ability of the prefecture representative class is average.

Especially excellent is the automatic game record analysis function .

It will analyze the game record of more than 200 moves in a few minutes, and you can focus on the place where the situation has changed while looking at the winning percentage graph.

This Go software is perfect for those who do not usually have the opportunity to play with a strong teacher, or who want someone to consider their own game record.

In addition, the exercises of the previous 60 questions are carefully built in to the explanation.

Go is software that makes you realize that you have learned from AI .

created by Rinker

zenith of Go 7 Zen

  • the first 1 victory in Yuta Iyama six crowns in times World Go Championship
  • the 1 th World Cyber Go exhibition game winning

Zen is a Go software that has established numerous achievements.

It’s insanely strong.

It depends on the performance of the personal computer used, but it has the ability to be called a top professional level.

It is recommended to use Zen Zen Go as research software.

It seems that some professionals use Zen for research.

In addition, there is also a function to let AI fight each other and watch the game, so you can enjoy watching the game.

Please pick up and experience the world’s leading ultra-high quality and high-level artificial intelligence.

E Frontier AI Go Gold

Go software with very good cost performance.

In the performance, but not at all Oyobi to Silver Star Go and zenith of Go, price about 4 of minutes 1 low price of.

Recommended for those who don’t want to spend too much money.

created by Rinker

Extreme Series Noboru Ishikura 9dan Go Course Introductory Edition ~ Enhanced Edition ~

This is an introductory Go course by Noboru Ishikura, an introductory Go professional.

He will explain “Kiri” and “Hane”, which are easy for beginners to trip, in a very polite manner.

32 questions are also recorded, and you can check your understanding level.

If anyone is stumbling in the introduction to Go, definitely use it!

It’s a very popular Go software!

Go’s strongest artificial intelligence “Fine Art” approaches its strength [ /box06]

Summary of free recommended games for Go

In this article, I have summarized the Go sites and apps that I know of.

Some of them were not selected in relative terms, so please try various things yourself.

In order to become stronger, it is very effective to play a game on a smartphone or watch a game of a strong person.

We hope that you will enjoy Go even more by using the latest technology of the times!

It is also important to study for yourself to beat your rivals.

Recommended Go books and Go books that you should definitely read ” introduces good Go books by field according to the level. So please enjoy it together.